Showcasing how economics can be a toolbox for positive social change.

Workshops, reading groups, guest speakers and more. Centred around new economic thinking.

We bring in engaging speakers from academia and the real world, to fill the demand to learn more about economics outside of the narrow classroom narrative. In 2018 we will try our first series of solution-based workshops: to try and foster bold economic thought, which is ambitious in suggesting what problems we can solve and where our world can go. We want to cut across social, sectoral and disciplinary boundaries to cultivate new ideas to address economic related problems. This is an idea in the making and we will seek to partner with organisations to make this happen. If you’re interested, have an idea or want to partner with us on this - please get in touch.

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Past events

As Economic Pluralism society, founded in 2015, we have hosted talks on sustainability, feminist economics, the Austrian school, neo-Keynesianism, monetarism and many approaches to economics. We have also hosted talks by world-leading, pluralist-advocating economists Ha-Joon Chang, Victoria Chick, and Steve Keen, among many others.