To contribute to the renewal of economics, in theory and in practice, in order for it to better serve humanity.



Today’s economic model is under fundamental strain - be it spiralling inequality or the climate emergency.

We cannot continue on with ‘business-as-usual’. Something must change.

Yet, at the root of the current economic system is the prevailing economic theory and analysis. For the economy is, in large part, a product of economic theory. If we are to change the system, we must look to change the intellectual monopoly that governs it.

Hence our call to renew economics in both theory and practice. We need new economic thinking to provide more guidance and insights to a world riddled with stark challenges. And,

We must then translate this thinking into novel and innovative best practice. Economic thinking should not operate in a silo, it has to be put to good use.

We, at E4C, see the above as one of the greatest opportunities to drive meaningful change.

 The opportunity is twofold:

ONE: To creatively disrupt the economics discipline. Starting here at the University of Edinburgh by improving our economics education. 

       TWO: To mobilise our generation behind the urgency and desirability to catalyse economic systems change.