Our research projects bridge the gap between the theory and the practice of economics. They seek to put economics to good use to address the great challenges of our day.

Our first research project is Beyond Money which is investigating the scope for cryptocurrencies to create social impact.

Money, as a store of value, has been around for centuries and defines most parts of our lives, almost unchallenged. With cryptocurrencies, blockchain and other novel digital technologies growing in popularity our understanding of value is being redefined. This project intends to investigate these technologies potential in agitating positive social change.

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Do alternative currencies have the potential to create an environment for the creation of intangible values?

We would like to discover, what the modern concept of “money” is turning into and what is the potential of these new technologies to enable social impact. We will couple our research with a design and implementation of such a currency on a local level.

If you think you could contribute to this research project or you are interested in conducting your own research project, please get in touch.